We are lucky to tell you, that after the process of redesign, we also renew the mechanic.

Now we can offer you the tool with improved design, absolutly simple to use, but with a range of features, you can realize almost every project you want.apps_design


After a renew design logos.png and with an advanced concept we relaunch again the development process.


Maybe there is a way to finally complete the project “synappz” luckily.

Soon I will start a campaign on german crowdfunding-page called startnext and ask for money to fund synappz.

With synappz we want to realize the first democratic chosen village on earth.


We as a user normally sit in the centre of our social networking universe.


Thtat leads us to a few problems:

  • there is a huge amount of information, that come down onto us
  • we have a various of social platforms, that takes plenty of time
  • if we want to collaborate with others, we do not know, what he know

To be the head of our own universe and communicate with more or less digital friends and followers, always trying to bring some order to chaos doesn’t sounds a lot “social”.

What if we start some projects together? Fix some bikes, grill some vegetables or make a new app, in the “real” or “digital” social life?


As you can see, some of the main problems of todays social networking can be solved:

  • The members can act as a filter, to filter all the waste of informations, that are not needed for the specific project
  • new qualities, like “skills”, “time”, personal “knowledge” enter the stage
  • and mainly a project it is about sharing, caring, communicating and interacting, which are essentials of our social being

Probaply we again have to start right from the beginning.

But i feel our approach is still good.

Our goal is :

To create a tool, that use the huge potential of the internet, to connect people and share knowledge and datas, to enable people, plan, organize and accomplish projects (like collaboration-software)->BUT with an attractive, well conceived and first of all simple design, for the facebook-generation, with an subtile backround of actionism (social, ecological, political projects).


I think, beside the two “spheres” work world and private life more and more there will be a third: the social actionism (actual examples are urban farming, self-organizied bars, community supported agriculture etc.:

it’s an intersection, where you can share your professional skills and social atributes in an context of cooperation. This group would be my “target group”, because both in the private world and the business: egoism rules. And very often in groups, cooperations, organizations of “strangers with a good will”: true togetherness appears.

Let us create a cooperation tool.

on one’s own account:

my english is not the best. is there someone, who would like to revise my posts?


Today was the meeting with the guy i told you last time. He asked me to built him a product far away from what i have in my mind, far away from what i think is usefull for the community, us.

My feelings weren’t good about this meeting. It was strange to talk to someone, which the only connection was business.

My friend gave me a good hint: To finish the concept completely and find a motivated, open-hearted and good programmer, who do it for a good price. And my friend will pay it! What good news after that weird meeting! I thought my project was dying. But now, it is a new begining! 😀

I will keep you up to date!Image



After 1 1/2 year of trying to develop this idea without money, now i come to a point, where i have to admire, that it is to extremlely difficult.

You either have to be a programer itself or have a bunch of dollars to rent one. All the unpaid helper and non-profit developers quit or got ill. Now I am alone again.


A few weeks ago i got an offer of a businessman who is interested in my idea. Is it the right desision to shake hands?

You still remember my three priorities:

  1. We want to realize our project. The best way!
  2. If there is profit we would like to pay out our developers.
  3. If there is a lot of profit we want to invest in social projects

Am i forced now, to give my idea away to people, who just have financial interest?

I don’t see another way to realize my project. In the last year, my trials failed, to develop open source and without investment capital.

If i would make a condition to keep the main creative input to form the program the best way, will he stick to it? Will the former helpers and developers get paid out fair? Would the businessman invest the profit into social projects?

We will see…

It is an open secret, that our society suffers from a lack of humanity. We enjoy countless products of consumtion, but at the back of one’s mind we know, that those things werde produced by people, who mostly have no part in our prosperity.
Who would like to work in a clothing factory up to 16 hours a day? We weare them trousers.
We don’t like to do boring stuff. How is our computer produced, we are using at the moment?

With the internet there is a new oportunity:

We can meet us! And we can share our knowledge. For free.

Thats what the “social” in social network means to us. That we can create social contacts to all kind of people, poor and rich, black and white, all around the country. For poor people it is now much easier to get knowledge. You can find almost every information in the web! Rich people can inform themselves and there known much better about the things that happen around the world.

That is why social networks need to stay free and not directed by the interests of global opinion makers try to distract us from the worker, who tails us that valuable trousers we’re wearing.

As you can see, most of the users use the internet to get informations and to contact with others.

Why at the moment there is no real platform, where we can combine both in a productive way?

More and more people want to stop just being a consumer. Neither of informations nor of products. They want to create the products of their daily use by themselves.

There are huge social network platforms with over 1 bn. users. But there is no space, where they can share their ideas, projects and dreams and get help to create something new.

Our vision is, to build a platform, where you can discuss, form or dream your projects with other people. Where everyone can share his/her skills and knowledge to bild small and big things out of our own minds and hands.

There are too much platforms, where i can inform my friends about the qualitiy of my breakfast, but not much about the constructive realization  of all our dreams.

At the current stage we are developing non-profit.

That means, we depend on developers and programmers who are realy realy interested in our concept. And just in that.

We can not resemble bad ideas with money.

That leads to a few problems:

– if the motivation is over, the developer leave properly

-to much stuck in the process, the same

-when there are privat or work-related problems, time over

-if someone left, it is har not to start at the beginning


Our solutions to that problem:

-we create a workflow to involve the people and let them stay motivated

-we have weekly meetings where we accumulate most of the developers

-every one have his part, so it is easy to overtake for someone else

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