As you can see, most of the users use the internet to get informations and to contact with others.

Why at the moment there is no real platform, where we can combine both in a productive way?

More and more people want to stop just being a consumer. Neither of informations nor of products. They want to create the products of their daily use by themselves.

There are huge social network platforms with over 1 bn. users. But there is no space, where they can share their ideas, projects and dreams and get help to create something new.

Our vision is, to build a platform, where you can discuss, form or dream your projects with other people. Where everyone can share his/her skills and knowledge to bild small and big things out of our own minds and hands.

There are too much platforms, where i can inform my friends about the qualitiy of my breakfast, but not much about the constructive realization  of all our dreams.