It is an open secret, that our society suffers from a lack of humanity. We enjoy countless products of consumtion, but at the back of one’s mind we know, that those things werde produced by people, who mostly have no part in our prosperity.
Who would like to work in a clothing factory up to 16 hours a day? We weare them trousers.
We don’t like to do boring stuff. How is our computer produced, we are using at the moment?

With the internet there is a new oportunity:

We can meet us! And we can share our knowledge. For free.

Thats what the “social” in social network means to us. That we can create social contacts to all kind of people, poor and rich, black and white, all around the country. For poor people it is now much easier to get knowledge. You can find almost every information in the web! Rich people can inform themselves and there known much better about the things that happen around the world.

That is why social networks need to stay free and not directed by the interests of global opinion makers try to distract us from the worker, who tails us that valuable trousers we’re wearing.